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Destination Wedding Photography FAQs

I always remain available to clients both near and far. Whether your planning a wedding in Hawaii, or an elopement in Iceland, I am willing to accommodate your individual wedding needs. I love to travel and so do most of my clients. Let's go on an adventure together and have something to tell the grandchildren when we are old!

What are your Destination Wedding Photography fees and costs?

My destination wedding packages are the same as my regular wedding packages. The only additional costs associated with travel include one flat rate. So talk to me, there may be wiggle room depending on location, if you add accommodations, and the wedding package that you choose.

Do I need to book the flight?

Typically, I can handle all the details with the airlines and travel fees. If you would like to use your miles rewards (and subsequently lower the flat rate discussed above), I only ask that I see all the details ahead of time to approve the information (layovers, baggage fees, timelines, etc). It's very important to keep an open communication about these things.

What kind of timeline are you looking for?

I always recommend having me arrive two days before the wedding to get over jet lag, get accustomed to the surroundings, scout photography locations, and get mentally prepped for your big day! This is an excellent time to add a pre-wedding engagement shoot or other type of bridal first look. Then we celebrate your big day. Afterwards, you have the option of adding a post wedding bridal session or a trash the dress session. Or we can all go home! I can usually plan to fly home the day after your wedding.

Wouldn't it be easier to hire a local photographer based where I'm getting married?

Not necessarily. Typically hiring wedding photographers at the location can be more expensive and riskier in terms of receiving your images. It can be harder to coordinate with them about details, and can lead to prolonged correspondence at a later date when you have questions about your photos. 

We'd love to include you in the rehearsal dinner the night before, can you come photograph it?

The rehearsal dinner is a personal time between you and your family. I'd love to be there for the ceremony rehearsal to get a feel for the time and space, however, I will not be photographing it. If you would like me to photograph the full dinner the night before, that is an additional event and we can talk about the small extra cost it would be. Most of the time, I'll be taking that time to check my gear, plan the timeline, or scout locations.

Where are you willing to travel?

This is the fun topic! I love to go to new places. Let me know where you want to get married, and chances are I will be willing to go there. 

What other specifications do I need to be aware of?

It will be all the more important that we keep an open communication of timelines, reservations, and expectations. We should be in contact on a regular basis to make sure plans go smoothly. But above all, this will be a relaxing day that I just happen to capture some intimate moments between you and the person you're marrying.