My Three Words | Destination Wedding Photographer

When someone comes to me asking about a photo shoot, I usually ask them how they want to be photographed. Many times this is met with very confused faces. Typically, I get the blank stare and the answer: "I just want to look good." I think I've got that covered! So I've started narrowing things down by asking them to come up with three words that pertain to the look and feel of their shoot. Adjectives that you want to feel when you look at the photos.

For example, an engagement couple might say they want a photoshoot that is "fun", "light", and "romantic". This is an awesome way to describe a shoot. I can now manage their expectations by shooting more journalistic fun lifestyle photos mixed with some intimate moments. I'll know that they will probably want more daytime shots to provide an airy, light atmosphere.

But this doesn't just apply to a particular shoot. For my brand and life, I've developed three words that I try to implement into all of my photographic styles. And I wanted to share with you those words that keep me aligned with my style and brand. I always try to at least have one of these adjectives interjected in my pictures.

1. Adventurous

I am all about travel, new places, and destinations. So, in many of my photos, I'm looking at the adventure. Let's get out and see new things. How can we get outside of our comfort zones and into some unique places and experiences? I grew up dreaming of far off places and crazy escapades. If you have a new location you want to go to, hit me up and I'll be there!

2. Romantic

Romance just attracts me. Part of why I'm a photographer who specializes in weddings is because I am drawn to people in love. Relationships are so important in life and romance should never die. I think everyone deserves to have images that show them in a romantic and intimate nature. Something they can hold dear to themselves, even if they don't share it with others.

3. Fun

Fun might be a generic word, but man do I mean it! There is no reason we can't enjoy the time we spend together. I'm quirky and I know how to bring out the weird. Bring on the nerd, and I'll be right there with you. We can laugh and joke as much as you'd like!


What are your three words? How would you describe yourself?