Why It's Important to Print Your Photos

In this growing age of social media and digital formatting, the subject and dialog around photos has changed from 8x10s to Facebook formats. While I'm in the digital age, and madly in love with scrolling through Instagram feeds, there has been a growing fear in me that people aren't printing out their photos. A digital memory is not permanent and needs to be treated as such.

As fast as social media is for sharing personal memories, the time is fleeting. It takes forever to go back through all the mundane photos I have on Facebook to get to the real memories I want to share with someone. I don't see these pivotal moments from my life everyday as I would like. It's been pushed back to bottom of my feeds. And I have no guarantee that they will remain. 

Digital photos are temporary. What if the internet just stopped? (I'm not saying it will because I very nearly had a heart attack at the thought but sometimes you never know) Or what if, in an effort to free up space somewhere, the digital images I have are scrapped? I'm not okay with losing that.

It's so important to have a printed version of these cherished moments. Whether it's in an album or hung on the wall, a printed photograph can be archived and saved. It's lasting and visible for me to get at quickly. I want to preserve those memories. I want to have a legacy to share and leave my children when I pass on. 

I remember the moments of pulling out my parent's old photo albums and pouring over the images. It not only holds the cherished memories, but now it's created new ones as we gathered on the sofa to hear stories of ages past.

Don't let the images get lost in the social media shuffle. Print and display them on your walls. If you're discouraged by figuring out the printing methods, just reach out and ask me! I'll be happy to help you preserve your memories.