5 Best Seattle Locations to Get Married

Oh Seattle constantly tugs at my heart with some amazing ideas for wedding venues. The city always seems so alive! I have a hard time explaining it to people, but every time I've been there people have raved about the city. And it has some unique and awesome places to get married. Here are my top urban or city picks:

1. Seattle Art Museum

If you are a fan of art (I have no choice! My entire family is made up of artists) then I highly recommend the Seattle Art Museum as a modern venue for your wedding. It's very urban and contemporary for all my city Brides. 

2. Pike Place Market

A Seattle staple, the Pike Place Market is a destination must visit. It has a few small event spaces that make for some great intimate locations to get married. The Atrium Loft space is adorable and the best thing about the location, is the opportunity for some very urban unique photo opportunities.

3. Rainier Chapter House

If you're looking for something more traditional and stately for your wedding, check out the Rainier Chapter House. It reminds me of one of my best friend's gorgeous wedding in the deep south east in one of those old plantation homes. It's a gorgeous background for a traditional Bride.

4. Space Needle

If you really want the Seattle experience, try renting out the SkyLine banquet hall in the  Space Needle for your wedding venue. It's a unique layout with some amazing views. Not to mention the catering is the BOMB dot com. 

5. The Foundry

Another one of my favorite venues for an urban/loft feel is The Foundry. High ceilings with open duct work, concrete floors, and large wooden barn doors appeals to my urban rustic aesthetics. 



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