Taking Action

I think any journey begins by taking action.

There have been so many times that I've looked at myself and wondered, why am I not getting anywhere? And it's because I haven't yet started moving. I've conceptualized and thought through the processes, but my actions haven't followed those thoughts. And sometimes thinking long and hard about how to progress makes you feel like you've actually DONE something.....when you haven't.

So today is for growth. Today is for action. I have written words, posted thoughts, planned actual shoots, and reached out to potential partners. Instead of thinking about how to structure a connection, I've actually started calling people up. It's time to stop being passive-aggressive and (while not actually being aggressive) start talking to people. 

So if you want to connect, reach out! Lord knows I like meeting new people. Even if it's just as simple as shooting me an email that says "Hey, I'm doing something!" DO IT!