Wedding Day Details

The start of a wedding day can be hectic. Most Brides experience anxiety and stress with regards to timeline, details, and keeping everyone on track. This is a main reason why I recommend using a wedding coordinator, but that's another story. I wanted create a reminder for Bride's on the details that they should bring with them at the start of the day for me to photograph while they are getting ready. It might be helpful to designate someone to hold these details for me and have them deliver the goods after I've finished with the photos.

Items to remember for wedding day

For the Bride:

Bridal Gown with wooden hanger
All the rings - Engagement, her band, and his band
A full invitation suite of the wedding invites
Wedding flowers/bouquet
Jewelry you will be wearing

For the Groom:

Cuff Links

Keep in mind to remind me of any special details that are specific to you. For example, if you have Grandma's handkerchief wrapped around your bouquet of flowers, let me know so I can be sure it get's photographed. What's the most important detail on wedding day for you? Be sure to mention it in the comments below.