Top 5 Wedding Perfumes or Fragrances | 2016

Oh the smell of flowers. It's spring and my senses are ALIVE! Maybe that's just my allergies speaking but either way, the flowers are giving all kinds of amazing smells. It made me start thinking about my favorite fragrances for Brides this season. I've seen so many different ones and I wanted to give my top five perfumes that I've seen based on the style of Bride!

1. The Classic | Chance by Chanel

Oh Chanel, how you always show up at weddings. I've seen this perfume at least four times already this year. It's a classic that you cannot go wrong with. It's a floral fruity note and tends to be favored by most Brides.

2. The Floral | Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf

This is my personal favorite, mainly because I own it. This is what I use to freshen up. It's floral but in my mind it's almost more mature than the Chanel, giving it a more WOMANLY feel. 

3. The Mature Woman | J'adore by Dior

My favorite commercial of any fragrance ever is the one with Charlize Theron walking and taking off all the trappings of rich women to say that all you need is an amazing fragrance to be beautiful. It's a iconic, sensual and feminine.

4. The Youth | Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Another celebrated love by young Brides is Daisy by Marc Jacobs. This one is great for it's grapefruit hints and makes me think of airy summer days. 

5. The Unexpected | Sugar Lychee by Fresh

I love this one because of it's citrus and mango flavors. It's an unexpected one that pairs well with destination weddings in exotic locations. 

I hope this helps you think about what perfume you'd like to have for your big day. I always like to get suggestions for scents because there are so many out there on the market. Hopefully this helps you narrow it down.