Music Motivation - Britney Spear’s “Work Bitch” and Gary Vaynerchuck

“ You want a hot body?

You want a Bugatti?

You want a Maserati?

You better work bitch.” 

While Britney has come and gone over the decades, she still continues to occasionally inspire me and this song is no exception. This song makes me want to get to work so bad. I feel like sometimes I need an extra push to get going and her no sense attitude in this song really does that for me. Just get to work guys. If you want to achieve anything, work for it! 

I’m not going to post the music video, because in my mind it’s a bit ridiculous. But I do want to post another video that has been inspirational to me lately from one of my business idols, Gary Vaynerchuck. He certainly knows where to push you. I hope it shoves you into the direction of doing what you love NOW. No need to wait.

Music Motivation | Space Oddity

"This is Major Tom to Ground Control, 

I'm stepping through the door. 

And I'm floating in the most peculiar way 

And the stars look very different today."

Space Oddity - David Bowie

This song is just making me think about taking the risks and stepping out into the unknown. I'm ready to jump into this photography world with all the courage I can muster. And I just know that the world will look different after I begin doing what I love. Step with me. Let's go on this journey together.

I also love the version below with Kristen Wig from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It just gives me all the feels.