Stress Relief | Childlike Glee

I'm constantly reminded about stress. It permeates my body, mind, and soul from my day job. So lately I've been committed to finding solutions or mindsets that can contribute to a calmer demeanor. Sometimes I've felt like it's not obtainable, so I started thinking about who is happy in my life.

Immediately, I think of all the children under the age of ten that I know. They go around constantly curious and insanely happy. There's a cheery attitude that I admire about kids. However, with every laugh comes some crazy meltdowns. We're talking epic proportions. But you know what I always notice about the meltdowns? Give them ten minutes, and it's over. They move on. 

So my takeaways from studying children is the following:

1. Always be curious.

2. Meet new situations with a positive mindset.

3. Allow for meltdowns or bad moments, but put a small time limit on it.

4. And finally, probably the most important lesson I need to learn, figure out how to LET GO.

Are there any lessons you've learned from kids? Tell me in the comments below.