The New Camera Addition - Nikon D750

I'm so excited to announce my new upgrade which, if you ask me, has been a long time coming. Recently, I purchased a new camera body to push into the full frame, professional market. Say hello to my new Nikon D750! It's a joy and a pleasure to welcome you into my family!

Nikon D750 Camera Body

Here are a few of the first shots that I took with it. Obviously I had to take photos of my favorite loves: cats, technology, and my husband! These are all SOOC (straight out of camera) shots and do not have any editing.

Nikon D750 Test Shot Portrait
Nikon D750 Test Shot Product iPhone Photo
Nikon D750 Test Shot Cat Photo

Then my husband decided to grab the camera. He wanted to take "artistic" shots. This was the result:

Nikon D750 Test Shot Selfie