How to Add Personality to a Traditional Wedding

Every person I've met is a unique individual. That being said, in a traditional wedding, it can sometimes become difficult to interject your own personality and individuality. Your mom wants you to have a particular princess dress, your future mother-in-law wants to have lilies on the tables, and heaven forbid if you decide to not have a flower girl, or not do the traditional dances. All this pressure can make you lose yourself in the planning process. Take a breath, and let's talk about ways to put your own style into the wedding.

1. It's All in the Details

Sure, you have to have the princess dress, but what if you change the lace to include black flowers? Or you could have unique cake toppers that truly show the personality that you and your groom share. Finding small ways to include little details that are tied to you and your personality can be the easiest way to liven up a traditional wedding.

2. Groom/Bride Cake or Cupcakes

I once had a couple who really wanted cupcakes, but their families required they had a cake cutting ceremony. What to do? They wound up having a small two tiered wedding cake that they cut, but everything else on their dessert table were cupcakes. Also, having a Groom's cake is a fun way to not only include the Groom in the celebration, but point out subjects that truly interest you.

3. Play a Game

This is probably the most fun thing I've seen at a wedding. To really show yourself to your guests, play a game with your significant other. It breaks up the time during reception, and allows for many laughs. In this particular game, the bride and groom were asked questions and told to raise the shoe belonging to the individual that the question pertains to. For example: who would flake on the laundry more? Or who made the first move?

4. Have an After Party!

Sometimes with family around, the party is just not able to go down. People feel awkward getting their boogie on in front of Aunt Mildred. Enter the after party! There was one couple who wound up having an after party with the younger crowd. Go to a club or even the bar at the hotel. It also affords the ability to make a change out of a big dress into something a little more your style.

5. Vows 

And for the most romantic thing to add to your wedding to personalize it, I cannot stress enough the importance of doing your own vows. Not only are you able to express yourself fully, you will have an emotional memory of the reasons to love your new husband/wife. I've listened to vows full of laughs, some full of dreams and future plans, and even some so emotional that I cried. 

Leave me a comment below telling me how your going to jazz up your wedding!