What to Wear for Engagement Photos

I always want you to choose clothing that showcases your personality. However, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is what to wear for an engagement photo shoot. It's all about styling and planning, and the more time you invest in choosing your wardrobe, the happier you'll be with the results. Do not be afraid to contact me for advice on color and shapes!

In general, I ask my clients to bring two or three different outfits to choose from. Something casual, something formal, and something unique to you. This helps provide variety and bring out different types of emotions from each set. I'll be more than happy to help you choose what would be appropriate.


Avoid turtlenecks, as this can make the neck seem nonexistent. Try to steer away from large, loose clothing because it can make a person apear larger or wider than they actually are. Shorts and capris have a tendency to make legs look shorter as well.


Stick to bold solid colors, patterns and stripes can take away the attention from your face. Darker colors have a slimming effect, and lighter colors emphasis the curves. When choosing a color scheme, keep in mind what looks good on you, what will look good in the environment that we're photographing in, and what will look good for wall portraits in your home.


Minimal accessories are best, we don't want to distract from the main subject (YOU!). Avoid hats or any hair pieces. Also avoid tennis/running shoes, white socks or heavy footwear. Be sure to consider the location when choosing what shoes to wear. We don't want high stiletto heels if we're walking on rocky areas.


Props are a fun way to interject your personality in the photos. Some great ideas include: books for avid readers, picnic setups for park atmospheres, cars for the speedy types, or anything that speaks to your heart and soul.


Remember to have fun and pick out things that are going to make you feel beautiful and comfortable.