Vegas Desert Elopement Styled Shoot

Las Vegas - we stepped out for an impromptu elopement styled shoot out in the desert near the city. There were no plans. Just us, the setting sun, and a trail on the side of the road. Yes that is a bush from the ground as her 'bouquet'. Much love to my soul sister Tessa and her boyfriend Brent for playing along on this one. Cannot wait to one day photograph their real elopement!

Tessa and Brent-93.jpg
Tessa and Brent-89.jpg
Tessa and Brent-91.jpg
Tessa and Brent-98.jpg
Tessa and Brent-106.jpg
Tessa and Brent-107.jpg
Tessa and Brent-10.jpg
Tessa and Brent-22.jpg
Tessa and Brent-30.jpg
Tessa and Brent-68.jpg
Tessa and Brent-48.jpg