Dreams from a Young Kat

We all have dreams and wonderments as children. Mine were about adventures and far off places. I'm pretty sure the creek behind my friend's house was an African river, reminiscent of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, and my muddy trampling was an excursion into the jungles of the unknown. Much to the consternation of my mother who found me chest deep in the mud.

But as the years progressed, we all become enamored with the concept of our own wedding and marriage. For me it didn't start until middle school, and while I know some girls start earlier, I still made up for lost time. I had the ideal engagement scenario, the fancy party dresses planned out of what other people would wear (even though it's not like I can control THEIR outfits), and even a mock up of the bridal dress I designed. 

Looking back, it was fun but completely unrealistic. 

But today I want to acknowledge those dreams and say that it didn't make my day any less special for not having everything I had planned before. My wedding was still the most beautiful, unique and precious moment of my life, and I'll carry it with me always.